About Us...

A Professional Services Company
Kenzler & Associates, Inc. has a team of professionals with extensive experience in customer care management and demonstrated expertise in tactical and strategic operations development with emphasis in the deployment of organization and technology infrastructure solutions.

Our experience spans both the establishment of new operations and the re-engineering of existing for improved quality and productivity.  Our team is skilled in identifying and executing against key service delivery processes, with emphasis on customer satisfaction and retention.  Our role is to provide detailed analysis, recommendations, project planning, program implementation and post implementation evaluation. As well as the development and deployment of quality assurance management programs.

Our knowledge, experience and capabilities provide us with the ability to enable our clients to enhance service delivery, customer satisfaction, and revenue while decreasing operating expense through the delivery of customer focused processes.


The goal of Kenzler and Associates is to develop an understanding of our clients requirements and expectations and then to deliver an executable solution.  Our preference to wrap theory with reality so that our clients can obtain a defined and measurable result to our efforts and their investment.


In today’s competitive environment, it is critical that organizations develop and execute customer focused business strategies with the right infrastructure and technology. Organizations must provide high quality service at a competitive cost. Our focus is the development of integrated solutions to assist our clients with program planning, development and implementation that enables our clients to deliver sustained high quality service.

We assist our clients in the formation of strategic and operational objectives and in development of processes, which support the achievement of those objectives.

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